Up until not too long ago I was a certifiable coffee addict. A terrible cold lead to me drinking more tea than my beloved vice and since then it’s grown into quite a passion of mine. I’m always on the lookout for new teas to try and began to keep a tea journal after my boyfriend gifted me this lovely book. Tea has become more than a drink to me; I love the history surrounding it as well and have become fascinated by the process of it all.  Whenever I go somewhere that sells interesting, new teas I find myself almost compelled to try them out.

The pages of my tea journal are filling up fast because of such.

While I intend to copy my reviews and notes from my journal onto this blog, in the meantime here are my top five favorite teas.

  1. Hot Cinnamon Spice by Harney & Sons
  2. Caramel Almond Amaretti by Teavana
  3. Ginger Ginger by intu tea
  4. Golden Spring by Adagio
  5. Wild Orange Blossom by Teavana


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