Hi there. Please mind the mess; everything is still under construction.

Maude Kip is the blog of an avid reader (and sometimes writer) named Jade who has a deep appreciation of puns and a certain water/ground type Pokemon. She enjoys talking about books, tea, games, costuming projects, conventions, and comics. (Though much more than that can be expected to make an appearance here.) Currently located in Michigan, USA Jade prefers virtual citizenship in a few MMORPGs to the snowy Mitten State. On Maude Kip you will find reviews of books she has read, teas she has drank, and posts about some of her other passions. Sewing, cooking, and costume design steal some of her time when she isn’t buried in the pages of a book – or neglecting the rest of the world for the imaginary one playing out on a screen. Currently she’s working on a fantasy novel full of ghosts, dragons, mystery, and mages. That is, when she can pry herself away from her other hobbies.

Jade can also be found on the following sites:


If you wish to inquire about a review please refer to the ‘Review Policies‘ section. For anything else, please use the ‘Contact Me‘ page.

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